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At Schwerer Dental Care your opinion is very important!

At Schwerer Dental Care, we strive to provide exceptional quality dental care in an honest, compassionate & caring manner, making sure your dental experience is affordable, comfortable and personalized. We hope our work has brought you satisfaction and look forward to working with you anytime that you may require. For our management assurance your satisfaction is our top priorities. We would greatly appreciate it if you share with us any comments, reviews or feedback that could help us continue improving the quality of our services.


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Schwerer Dental Care

   REVIEW BY: . Jean Luc on 2018-04-23  

Dr. Schwerer is awesome. My teeth cleaning was excellent. He and his staff are extremely friendly and care that their patients are satisfied. Dr. Scherer also answered all my questions and concerns about my teeth. I will definitely be coming back.


   REVIEW BY: . Paulo on 2018-04-09  

I was impressed with the professionalism of the staff and was very pleased with the care I received. Highly recommend the center and appreciated the quick appointment to address my dental emergency.


   REVIEW BY: . Liz on 2018-03-26  

I love Schwerer Dental Care! I have always been absolutely terrified of the dentist and dreaded every appointment but not anymore. The staff is super nice and so helpful.


   REVIEW BY: . Sal Vascellaro on 2018-03-15  

Alison did a perfect cleaning as always. She takes her time and explains everything. Checking out with Alla is Excellent. She takes time to explain the ever confusing Insurance. Thank You for a great visit.


   REVIEW BY: . Sacha on 2018-03-15  

My experience with the Schwere Dental Care was wonderful. The staff go out of their way to be friendly and always respectful. I could not ask for a better experience at the dentist office.


   REVIEW BY: . Aislin on 2018-02-26  

I cannot think of anything that would make a visit to the dentist better! I was greeted right away, the office is clean and spotless, the staff is friendly which makes me feel comfortable, and procedures were explained to me.


   REVIEW BY: . Harper on 2018-02-09  

Dr. John Schwerer is an amazing dentist and has a very good touch. He did a few filings and a crown for me along with general dentistry, and I have never felt any pain in the process. He is very gentle and has a good heart as well. I would highly recommend him for any type of dentistry for anybody.


   REVIEW BY: . Dina on 2018-01-25  

Dr. Schwerer and his entire staff are wonderful. I had not been to the dentist for a very long time. Had a cleaning and one extraction, very painless and extremely kind and caring.


   REVIEW BY: . Abram on 2018-01-12  

Friendly professional environment. I actually enjoyed my appointment! Never thought I would say that about a dentist appointment. I got my teeth cleaned, doesn´t get much better than that. Big thank you Schwerer Dental care!!


   REVIEW BY: . Eugene on 2017-12-26  

This place is amazing. I first found this place last year and have been coming here ever since. The truly treat you like family and go above and beyond in customer service.


   REVIEW BY: . Abigail on 2017-12-07  

Everyone who works there is great! They are sweet, compassionate, helpful and communicative. Great experience every time!


   REVIEW BY: . Emily on 2017-11-28  

I came in to get an implant consultation. The office was a very nice place to be. Everyone was very helpful and polite. I am scheduled for surgery in a few weeks and I can´t wait to get started.


   REVIEW BY: . Frank on 2017-11-09  

I will say that I have had the best care and precision dental work that anyone could ever hope to have. This office did everything they possible could to make me as comfortable as possible and make my dental work go as smoothly as possible. They are kind and considerate


   REVIEW BY: . Delbert on 2017-10-24  

Dr. Scott and his caring and dedicated team are all true professionals. This was such and excellent experience. I was always embarrassed to smile, Thanks to the amazing care received, I now have a very happy smile and I can´t stop sharing ir with everyone.


   REVIEW BY: . Martha on 2017-10-16  

This was my 2nd visit to the office. The 1st one being cleaning & X-rays. The office staff were friendly and I was seen without a wait. The dentist and assistant went over the suggested treatment and pointed out the areas that needed work. Very thorough and pleasant. Not pushy. I left there thinking that they knew what they were doing and confident that I was in good hands with my teeth.


   REVIEW BY: . Sharon on 2017-10-05  

My 2 years old had a great experience at Schwerer Dental Care! Dr. John was awesome, and made her feel very comfortable. All the rewards gifts were amazing!


   REVIEW BY: . Beth on 2017-09-26  

I decided later in my life that I wanted a beautiful smile. I went to Schwerer Dental Care for a consultation. The Doctor took time to discuss all the options available to me. After the consultation, I decided to have braces. I had them on for less than a year and I am thrilled with the results.


   REVIEW BY: . Barbara on 2017-09-08  

My implant procedure went much faster and easier than anticipated with no pain involved, thanks Dr. Schwerer.


   REVIEW BY: . Robert Leonard Tipton on 2017-08-30  

Best Dentist and staff ever!.


   REVIEW BY: . Steve on 2017-08-25  

I have been going here for years. The service is always good. More importantly, when I had an emergency last month they were able too see me the same morning. That is the most important thing to me.


   REVIEW BY: . Patsy on 2017-08-21  

It took me many years to find a good dentist, but instead I found the greatest dentist. I would highly recommend Dr. John Schwerer. He is the best!


   REVIEW BY: . shirley on 2017-08-21  

I never thought these words would come out of my mouth"I had a great experience at the dentist." I have RA and had not been to a dentist in over 15 years. Due to a bad experience with another dentist. Before surgery I had to have a cleaning. The staff at Schwerer Dental Care were professional and caring. Jenny made sure I was comfortable and did a great job of cleaning my teeth. I will continue to use Schwerer Dental as my dentist. I am not easily impressed but the staff went beyond my expectations as a professional group.


   REVIEW BY: . Jacqueline on 2017-08-04  

Fantastic, kind, and very professional dentist. For someone who is terrified beyond belief by a dentist, I can sincerely say; I am looking forward to starting my treatment with Dr. John Schwerer!


   REVIEW BY: . Raymond on 2017-07-25  

Normally, I´m petrified with the idea of having dental treatment, but the staff there make me feel relaxed. They have done a great job! I wish I had joined them years ago. Thank you Schwerer Dental Care.


   REVIEW BY: . Vicent on 2017-07-03  

Today was my first appointment at Schwerer Dental Care. I was very satisfied with the friendly staff and how they all made me feel so comfortable. I would definitely recommend this dental practice to anyone seeking dental care. I am also very pleased with their affordable payment plans.


   REVIEW BY: . Pamela on 2017-06-23  

I was scared because the Dr. told me I needed a root canal therapy. To my surprise, the treatment wasnt painful. A very professional team.


   REVIEW BY: . gail on 2017-06-10  

My first time experience with this group was wonderful. They were all knowledgeable, and caring.


   REVIEW BY: . Joe on 2017-06-02  

The Schwerer Dental team is always a warm and friendly atmosphere with obvious attention, care and concern about your dental health every visit you make. The reception is easy and friendly, the technicians are pleasant and thorough and Dr. Schwerer gives great advice and offer terrific dental care when needed.


   REVIEW BY: . Kelly on 2017-05-23  

Awesome office staff! Dr. Rolfes was great! They were so accommodating and really helped us out in an emergency.


   REVIEW BY: . Debbie on 2017-05-17  

Jenny is by far the most gentle hygienist Ive had. Very detailed with her cleanings. She is very knowledgeable in her field. My first exam at this practice exceeds any at my previous dental office, Thank you Dr. Schwerer. High recommend this practice!


   REVIEW BY: . Jill on 2017-05-17  

I am a senior citizen who has neglected my teeth for many many years. It took a lot of nerve for that first appointment. I was embarrassed and humiliated at the condition of my teeth. NEVER not even once did any of the staff ever make me feel uncomfortable or judge me even though they must have been shocked! I am now wearing the most natural looking temporary teeth until my mouth heals. I and my family and friends cant believe how good I look the day after surgery. I plan to brag about Schwerer Dental Care to anyone who knows me! And I am going to send my friend and neighbor to Dr. Rolfe. And anyone else I can.


   REVIEW BY: . Olivier on 2017-05-03  

My experience started with a horrible pain on one of my molars that broke on a weekend. Schwerer Dental Care was the only dental office that answered me and quickly helps me with medication and antibiotics so that I could make it on Monday. I used to not like going to the dentist because the fear of being judged on my teeth. The whole office from the front desk clerks to the doctor to his assistants have made me feel great. I cannot think you guys enough.


   REVIEW BY: . Janet on 2017-05-03  

I have had a lot of dental work done over the years from different states and Dr. Schwerer is by far my favorite dentist! He is very skilled at dentistry, gentle applications with a cosmetic excellence for every treatment His staff excellent. I loved my TMJ true dental care as well from Robyn Fagarass too! Her professionalism and knowledge are unsurpassed. Thank you Schwerer Dental Care.


   REVIEW BY: . Elizabeth on 2017-04-24  

Love this office! Everyone is very nice, and professional. Most importantly, they are very clear about what´s medically necessary and what isn´t, and they are very transparent about the costs before doing any work.


   REVIEW BY: . Megan on 2017-04-12  

Hands down, the best dentist facility that I have ever been to. The dentist is extremely professional, very knowledgeable, and very precise while explaining his work. His team is extremely customer service driven, and they continuously go above and beyond to make you feel very comfortable! I have had a couple of different procedures completed in the last month, and I can honestly say that every one of them has been painless.


   REVIEW BY: . Michael on 2017-03-21  

Definitely Dr Schwerer is the best! The staff is kind and very professional!


   REVIEW BY: . Kelliann on 2017-03-21  

Dr. Matt Rolfes and his friendly staff made my emergency visit nothing short of amazing! By far, the most efficient and comfortable dental visit I´ve experienced. Thanks again!!


   REVIEW BY: . Janet on 2017-03-21  

Having a real dentist phobia, I kept avoiding the dentist for a couple of years. I kept having dental pain and chipped several teeth. Having just moved to the area within the last year, I wasn´t familiar with any dentists. I contacted a friend in the Melbourne area who is a former dental hygenist and she did some research and highly recommended Dr. Schwerer. I didn´t want to have dentures if at all possible and I now have six beautiful crowns on my upper front teeth. During the process I also had a couple of root canals done. I still have much work to be done, but I am able to go the the dental appointments and have the work that is needed done. The girls have been wonderful and Dr. Schwerer is painless. I would highly recommend this establishment.


   REVIEW BY: . David on 2017-03-21  

Excellent personalized customer service. Highly professional dental care. Who would have thought that going to the dentist could actually be a pleasant experience? Yes, I actually said that.


   REVIEW BY: . Christian on 2017-03-21  

This was the best dentist experience I have had. Dr. Scwerer and the whole staff were fantastic. We are so happy with how our teeth look so far.


   REVIEW BY: . Cris on 2017-03-21  

The treatment I have received over many years has been of an excellent standard. I have always been treated with dignity and respect, given ongoing information about procedures and asked about my comfort during a standard cleaning or while carrying out fillings.


   REVIEW BY: . Ann on 2017-03-16  

Dr. Schwerer is great! I have gone for cleanings and it has been super easy and pleasant. They are efficient and everyone that works there is friendly


   REVIEW BY: . Dale on 2017-02-19  

Kimmy Sue was so nice and kind throughout my visit. Im a real problem patient. Dr. Schwerer is an excellent dentist. He is painless.


   REVIEW BY: . Duncan on 2017-02-14  

I have seen Dr. Schwerer several times now, after moving from NC to FL, I really needed a dentist that I could trust. I was so satisfied with the results of my dental work, I wont go to any other dentist. The office was professional and clean. Loved to talk with Maria, and the rest of staff there, they are so friendly and caring, about your well-being. Thanks, Dr. Schwerer.


   REVIEW BY: . Lorren on 2017-01-27  

Great service and friendly staff. Easy and quick to get an appointment. Quality of the service, and professionalism was very good. I´ve been twice for cleaning, check-up, and x-rays, and have been impressed each time.


   REVIEW BY: . Janet on 2016-12-19  

I really trust the professionals in this office. They are very organized and always do a good job. I used to detest going to the dentist but now I know I am in good hands and they take good care of me.


   REVIEW BY: . Char on 2016-12-19  

I had lost part of my very back tooth shortly after arriving in Florida for the winter and spring. I didn´t want to fly back to Chicago and needed to get this fixed. I had a brochure I got in the mail coupled with research on the internet looking for someone who took my dental insurance. I liked the brochure and decided to take a chance. Dr Schwerer got me in right away to view the damage. I ended up with a root canal and crown. It was not unexpected as I have had extensive work in the past and knew what to expect for what had happened. I had the root canal done and the crown temporary put on in 1 day. The doctor was gentle and I didn´t feel any pain. I was thankful for that. The practice was clean and the building maintained. Will split my cleaning between Florida and Chicago while trying to decide on the salt life or the frozen tundra life. Thankful for finding the practice.


   REVIEW BY: . Beverly on 2016-12-19  

Let me start by saying that Dr. Rolfes and Dr Schwerer are the most wonderful orthodontists I ever met. On my last visit I got my wisdom tooth taken out, very happy with the procedure, results & price


   REVIEW BY: . Brittany on 2016-11-07  

I love the way Schwerer Dental Care staff treat theirs patients they made me feel so welcome.


   REVIEW BY: . Rick on 2016-10-27  

Fantastic staff!!! Excellent Dental Work. You cant ask for anything more. Almost makes going to The Dentist enjoyable!!!!


   REVIEW BY: . Daniel on 2016-10-18  

Really friendly front desk staff, who always make me feel so welcome when I come in. They have the perfect balance of friendliness and attentiveness. Dr. Duff is an experienced orthodontist, who Ive really enjoyed being a patient of. The place gets packed after school lets out, so try to schedule appointments before.


   REVIEW BY: . Lauren on 2016-10-05  

I went to Schewer Dental Care for a consultation for orthodontics since I was getting orthognathic surgery. Dr Schwerer and his staff are extremely friendly. He and Dr Duff are very knowledgable and have worked with oral surgeons before. Id recommend people going to Schwerer Dental Care clinic to anyone that lives in that Tresure Coast area.


   REVIEW BY: . Melania M. on 2016-09-23  

I explicitly trust the experience of Dr. Schwerer, he listens and he recommends always the best alternative. Over the many years I have come to the practice the staff has always provided superior care, they know my name as I approach the front door and the wait is minimal, KimmySue is always happy when I pick up new trays while I complete my invisalign treatment and she will do anything to make me comfortable, she always tells me my teeth look great and that they will be changing everyday. So much encouragement can only be received from a lovely group of committed people whos leader values the individual. Thank you so much for truly caring for me as a person. Our community is truly blessed to have all of you.


   REVIEW BY: . Sandra on 2016-09-20  

So happy I finally buckled down and made time for my teeth. The staff here was so warm and friendly. The front desk girls reminded me of my cousins, they were easy to talk to and it made Schwerer Dental Care feel like home right away.


   REVIEW BY: . Kerry on 2016-09-15  

I have been coming to this office for a while now and Kimmy has always been so good to me. She always makes sure that I leave there happy and that all my questions and concerns are covered. Its refreshing to come in after working all day to see her bubbly personality waiting for me. Not only does Kimmy take care of my teeth, but she actually cares about how Im doing in general and it is appreciated :) She is a great asset to your office!


   REVIEW BY: . Diane on 2016-09-06  

Lets be real, no one likes going to the dentist. But you know you need to get your chompers checked out regularly. The second you walk in, the beautiful women at the front desk greets you with a calming smile that relaxes you. Dr. Schwerer is great and painless, Ive been back many more times than I thought I would, very affordable and a great, friendly staff. I found my dentist office :)


   REVIEW BY: . Janet on 2016-09-02  

Dr Schwerer dental care is a God send ! I have been to dentists in many different states and Dr. Schwerer and his team is by far the best dental care I have ever had ! In its entirety : the staff , the caring attitude of everyone and Dr. Schwerer along with his professionalism and skill is unsurpassed .


   REVIEW BY: . Loretta Englishman on 2016-08-31  

I came to Schwerer Dental Care on the recommendation of a friend who worked there after a very bad experience at another dental office. From the moment I walked in the door, I immediately felt at ease. I have been having a lot of work done but I have been informed every step of the way. I cant say enough about Robyn or the rest of the staff. If you are looking for professional and caring dental care, please give Schwerer Dental Care a chance to show you what they can do.


   REVIEW BY: . Chris on 2016-08-31  

Ive got TMJ really bad and my jaw got stuck open while having a root canal & crown done. Dr. Schwerer performed the procedures and Robyn assisted. She did a jaw therapy on me which loosened my jaw and got it to close. His entire staff there is very nice and I sell dental insurance and would recommend his practice to anyone looking for a dentist.


   REVIEW BY: . Soled on 2016-08-19  

I was so comfortable and no where near nervous!!! and I am TERRIFIED of the dentist!!!!! But Dr. Schwerer is very calm and explains exactly what needs to be done. I felt favor safe with him. Also the staff is amazing. I will for sure be going back there again and bringing family members as well!!!! GOOD TEAM!


   REVIEW BY: . B on 2016-08-05  

Professional staff, always pleasant to deal with. The office is updated and modernized aesthetically as well as with their equipment. Staff is always able to give appointments within a reasonable amount of time. Able to accommodate around work/school schedules when it come to appointment times. Has a wonderful staff and wonderful doctors!


   REVIEW BY: . Janet on 2016-08-05  

Having a real dentist phobia, I kept avoiding the dentist for a couple of years. I kept having dental pain and chipped several teeth. Having just moved to the area within the last year, I wasn´t familiar with any dentists. I contacted a friend in the Melbourne area who is a former dental hygenist and she did some research and highly recommended Dr. Schwerer. I didn´t want to have dentures if at all possible and I now have six beautiful crowns on my upper front teeth. During the process I also had a couple of root canals done. I still have much work to be done, but I am able to go the the dental appointments and have the work that is needed done. The girls have been wonderful and Dr. Schwerer is painless. I would highly recommend this establishment.


   REVIEW BY: . M. on 2016-08-05  

I have been here enough now to know I will remain here. Had a root canal performed here and felt absolutely no pain. You cannot ask for more. The entire staff here is fantastic. They are now taking care of my partner, my mom, and my dad. All are very satisfied with the services rendered and the welcoming, professional, staff. As my dad said after his last visit, "Things have gotten better at dentist offices over the past twenty years." I told him I would be glad to use pliers if he preferred! LOL! We´ll leave that work to Schwerer Dental.


   REVIEW BY: . Drew Jackie on 2016-08-05  

I highly recommend Dr.Schwerer! Not only is his office comfortable and clean, but I felt like the doctor was determined to make sure I was getting the best care possible! Best dentist on the Treasure Coast!


   REVIEW BY: . M. on 2016-08-05  

So far so good. My old dentist changed out his entire staff as if over night. I lost many people that took care of me and was not happy with the new staff. I was able to find this office and I have been very happy. They are close to the house, the staff is friendly, knowledgable, and professional. They use the latest technology so no dark ages style dentistry here. Overall I have been pleased.


   REVIEW BY: . Sunman on 2016-08-05  

On the way to Hutchinson Island from my home state of NC, my tooth broke off at the gum line. I waited until Ft. Pierce to call a dentist. After checking the telephone book, I decided on Dr. Swerer´s Office. So very glad I did! A very competent Dr. Harlee and a wonderful hygenist named Linda extracted the tooth without pain or incident. They made me feel so comfortable. What a great team. Thanks to both of them for being so personable and professional at the same time.Also, kudos to you Dr. Schwerer for having such competent folks on your staff! Roy in New Bern,NC


   REVIEW BY: . Anna on 2016-07-28  

With eyes closed I totally recommend Dr. Schwerer and its staff. Nice and trustworthy. Excellent office!!


   REVIEW BY: . Ryan on 2016-07-26  

Dr. Rolfes filled seven (7) of my teeth today. Updated me on every step of the procedure. Painless and home in time for lunch! First class practice led by Dr. Schwerer and awesome staff! Highly recommended!!


   REVIEW BY: . Pamela on 2016-07-26  

They are awesome two root canals did not feel either one of them dry sheerer is awesome


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