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At Associated Coastal ENT your opinion is very important!

Associated Coastal ENT Physicians strive to provide comprehensive & compassionate care in the heart of the Treasure Coast. We appreciate you taking your time to review our practice. We sincerely hope you had a pleasant visit and satisfaction is our top priority. Your feedback is very important to help continue to provide the highest quality Ear, Nose & Throat care to our community. Please share any comments that you feel comfortable with, but remember not to include any private health information. You can always call 772-464-9595 & ask for the Office Manager for specific issues. Thank you for your time.


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Associated Coastal ENT

   REVIEW BY: . Ana on 2019-09-02  

Doctors are great


   REVIEW BY: . Dj on 2019-08-01  

I have been a patient at Coastal for over 25 years for one reason or another. There is no office better, more professional,or more courteous.


   REVIEW BY: . Megan on 2019-07-16  

I’ve had a great experience! Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Always feel comfortable when I go there. Dr.Phillips is great and has helped me tremendously. Highly recommend


   REVIEW BY: . Jean on 2019-07-12  

I was referred to Dr.Phillips by my Primary Care and I was very pleased with their service. Dr. Phillips was very friendly and professional. He has an excellent bedside manner. Within five minutes of seeing him, he diagnosed my problem. Excellent !!! He prescribed medications and after 3 days I was back to normal. Would not hesitate to recommend him or visit again. Office staff is very polite and friendly .


   REVIEW BY: . Sandi on 2019-07-08  

Dr Michelle Richards is amazing. My daughter has been a patient since she was 18 months old and is now 15. We haven´t had to go in which is good but we miss her. She has always always been there for us and fit us in when needed. No question or concerns unanswered. Even last minute, not knowing what was wrong visits that turned out to be dental issue.


   REVIEW BY: . Kristin on 2019-06-05  

I’ve been seeing Dr. Phillips since I moved down to Florida a little over a year ago and he’s been great. He’s been working with me for all of my many medical concerns. He knows and understands that I prefer to stray away from medications when possible, so he’s been working on alternative solutions for me. His entire office is friendly and helpful. It’s nice to find a good doctor that actually listens to you and helps work with you.


   REVIEW BY: . Joe on 2019-05-05  

Great staff and Dr. Allen is excellent!!


   REVIEW BY: . Maureen on 2019-03-05  

I came to see Dr. Richards when I found a lump near my collarbone. My GP was clueless so I self-referred to Dr. Richards -- I had heard excellent things about her. All true. She asked great questions & set up with a series of tests immediately. When they came back negative, started me on more intensive tests until it became clear I had lymphoma. Her staff had to call & fax the oncologist´s office over & over for an appt (a busy time of year) but they persisted. Dr.R was compassionate throughout.


   REVIEW BY: . Melonie on 2019-01-22  

I have a had many BAD experiences with Dr. Erin and Jessica made me very comfortable and felt very good to not be treated bad best treatment I have ever had ✌✌✌💛💕ps thanks 4 helping me 👂 again on phone after 20 years much respect MELONIE


   REVIEW BY: . Jennifer on 2018-11-29  

Associated Coastal ENT is the best! They were able to fix my sinus problems when no one else could! Thanks again!


   REVIEW BY: . Beatrice on 2018-10-18  

Wonderful experience, the staff is really nice and comforting, the care given was outstanding.


   REVIEW BY: . Helen on 2018-10-09  

I’m very happy with the services at Associated Coastal ENT. I find Michele is very detailed and easy to understand.


   REVIEW BY: . Fawzeyah on 2018-09-24  

Dr. Phillips was extremely thorough with my examination and the diagnosis of my problem. I was impressed with his anticipation of my questions, and the range of probabilities of other surrounding maladies that could be exacerbating my illness. He was very easy to talk during my visit. I would highly recommend him.


   REVIEW BY: . Anne on 2018-08-16  

Both Dr. Richards and Dr. Anderson are very professional and kind. It is a pleasure to go there, the staff is so accommodating.


   REVIEW BY: . Cheryl on 2018-08-15  

I´m very happy with the services at Associated Coastal ENT. I find Michele is very detailed and easy to understand.


   REVIEW BY: . Mel on 2018-07-18  

He took all the time necessary to help me.


   REVIEW BY: . Deejay on 2018-01-03  

My family has been patients at Coastal ENT since approx. 1987. In my opinion, Dr. Allen saved my son´s life back then, by diagnosing a severe adenoid and tonsil problem, as well as allergies. My son was wasting away with illness and he rebounded dramatically. Recently, Dr. Richards and Nicole worked hard to diagnose a problem I have with my immune system and because of their concern and follow thru, my situation has improved immensely. You can not go wrong with Coastal ENT and I recommend them highly!


   REVIEW BY: . Cecilia on 2017-11-09  

My primary care doctor referred me to Associated Coastal ENT. The staff were professional and outgoing, After my appointment with Dr. Richard B. Allen, I knew I had a new doctor, and when I mentioned to some friends, I was surprised how many already go there.


   REVIEW BY: . Elaine on 2017-10-24  

Dr. Michele stepped in to help at a time when I had almost given up on having a healthy ear. Thanks to her attentiveness and perseverance, my ears has been healthy for several years now. I would recommend her to anyone.


   REVIEW BY: . Betty on 2017-10-05  

Dr. Richard B. Allen has been my only audiologist for more than three years. I went to him by referral. I have no intentions to look any farther for hearing diagnostics. He is compassionate and understanding and will listen to the patients so that a method of correction can be accomplished.


   REVIEW BY: . Elsie on 2017-09-26  

Dr. Richard´s service was excellent. He precisely explained the procedure to me and what the outcome would be. I was very satisfied with my overall experience.


   REVIEW BY: . Josh on 2017-09-12  

We have been patients of Associated Coastal ENT for over 3 years. The attention and care we have received from day one has always been remarkable


   REVIEW BY: . Mark on 2017-09-08  

I was becoming very insecure with my hearing loss. This led me to quit my volunteer duty, as answering the phones were a "NIGHTMARE" for me. Happiness is having my hearing back with my new aids. I can now hear sounds I had forgotten; the phone is no longer a problem. The most precious time to me is being with family, enjoying conversations that I can hear and they are not shouting at me. Thank you for giving me back my hearing!


   REVIEW BY: . Nadine on 2017-08-29  

We took our 1 month old daughter to see Dr Allen. The office was very nice and clean. Dr Allen and the staff were very friendly. The wait wasn´t long. Dr Allen did a thorough exam and gave us advice based on what he would do if it was his daughter. He didn´t push any unnecessary procedures on us and we left confident in his advice. Hopefully we don´t have to go back but if we ever need an ENT again, they will be who I call.


   REVIEW BY: . Joss on 2017-08-21  

We have been patients of Associated Coastal ENT for over 3 years. The attention and care we have received from day one has always been remarkable. Even without an appointment, time has always been afforded us, especially for emergency situations. Everyone at Associated Coastal ENT is stellar.


   REVIEW BY: . Steven on 2017-08-04  

I have a three-and-a-half-year-old-son that was having his ears tested at Associated Coastal ENT. I was so impressed with Erin Anderson and how she treated Steven. I was also treated with utmost respect. She was kind and professional-two important qualities to have for a health care a professional. Thank you, Erin!


   REVIEW BY: . Randall on 2017-07-25  

Great staff, excellent doctor. Dr Allen and his staff are very friendly, professional, and attentive. I am extremely satisfied with the care I received before, during, and after my procedure.


   REVIEW BY: . Edward on 2017-07-12  

I was recently treated for a cpap consultation. As usual, she was prompt and courteous. Dr. Richards took the time to answer all of my questions. I never realized how serious sleep Apnea was. Dr Richards explained things too me in terms that made it easy to understand. so happy to have her as my doctor.


   REVIEW BY: . Claudette on 2017-07-03  

I have been going to Associated Coastal ENT for a long time, so I figured I should write a review. The front desk staff is always nice and welcoming. Dr. Slack and the audiologist are great professionals! I have never received such exhaustive care anywhere else, thats why I keep coming back.


   REVIEW BY: . Vivian on 2017-06-23  

My husband suffered from sleep apnea. We decided to visit Associated Coastal and it was the best choice! The doctors advised us about a specific treatment, and finally, they also performed a surgery and now my husband sleeps much better.


   REVIEW BY: . Ralph on 2017-06-05  

My dad used to suffer from sinusitis, we went to Associated Coastal and they took care of every detail. Now my dad finished a treatment and he is feeling so much better!


   REVIEW BY: . Debbie on 2017-05-22  

My visit to Associated Coastal ENT was amazing! The entire staff was incredibly pleasant and very patient when explaining the hearing issues, I was dealing with. I would highly recommend anyone to this truly professional team. Thank you!


   REVIEW BY: . Olivier on 2017-05-03  

Best ENT office ever! Called today needed to be seen asap and was in within 1 wait time at the lobby.. seen and on my way home within 30 mins. Greeted with smiles and cannot thank NP Nicole Thompson enough for always being a call away when you need her. Great staff.


   REVIEW BY: . Candy on 2017-05-03  

Dr. Allen is very knowledgeable in his field and find that he is easy to talk with. I have recommended several friends to him and they feel the same way.


   REVIEW BY: . Edward on 2017-04-24  

I was so glad to get back to Dr. Richards. I had switched plans and was unable to see her for a couple of years. Dr. Richards and her staff are thorough and caring. DR. Richards takes the time to explain all aspects of your treatment. I recommend her highly.


   REVIEW BY: . Lorren on 2017-04-17  

Coastal ENT staff is always helpful and courteous. Dr. Christopher Slack is an excellent and caring doctor with outstanding credentials He is thorough and explains everything in detail. My wife and I have seen him many times and have always been pleased with the outcome.


   REVIEW BY: . Liz on 2017-04-04  

Clean office, friendly and professional staff, website was helpful. Dr. Charles was nice, friendly, and to the point. I was seen for an ear infection. I was in and out, able to get on with my day. I do recommend Coastal ENT.


   REVIEW BY: . Susan on 2017-03-22  

Dr . Michelle Richards has taken very good care of me, I have had hardly any voice at all for years , she got to the bottom of it & after my surgery I sound great & feel great ! Eternally grateful ! Amazing team as well , Donna the surgical coordinator made everything so simple for me .


   REVIEW BY: . Paul on 2017-03-22  

My 5-year-old daughter was snoring and having trouble sleeping at night so we visited Coastal ENT for an evaluation of my son´s tonsils and they said they have to remove the tonsils. The surgery went better than I could have possibly hoped. After a few quiet days around the house, she was up and running again with no ill-effects. We are so blessed to have this clinic close our home.


   REVIEW BY: . Helen on 2017-03-22  

This practice is incomparable. There are no double bookings. You are seen within 1-7 minutes of arriving. The doctors are all super friendly. They run the best medical facility I have ever been to and I have been to a great many in over the years. I can´t say enough about their expertise, their friendliness, their accurate diagnoses! they are simply the best!!!


   REVIEW BY: . Sasha on 2017-03-22  

Awesome service! Quick and professional. Going in 7 months into my treatment, my allergies no longer bother me! I love all about the installations and the doctors


   REVIEW BY: . Lorren on 2017-03-22  

I´ve been a member of Associated Coastal ENT for about 2 years, and I´m extremely satisfied with their service. Thank you so much.


   REVIEW BY: . David on 2017-03-22  

I decided a few months ago to fix my snoring once and for all. I sleep fairly well, but I do have sluggishness during the day. In July I decided to visit Dr. Slack who after visit to my home and practice several medical exams, put me on a treatment that since day #1 I have noticed a difference... Thanks for the great work... My wife and I thank you


   REVIEW BY: . Manuel on 2017-03-22  

What did I like best? What didn´t I like, the whole experience was GREAT! Erin, the audiologist, Jessica and the whole staff could not be more helpful. They took their time explaining everything, made sure I was comfortable with everything and answered all my questions. They even helped me with paperwork to submit to my insurance. I would definitely recommend them.


   REVIEW BY: . Ann on 2017-03-16  

Awesome experience! Many doctors there including several different ENT specialists and an allergy doc. The allergist was fantastic (and the nurses were very gentle with the testing and explained everything...was so easy). The allergist took the time to walk down the hall to speak with the ENT about what he found on the testing. They came up with a plan for my care together which I really appreciated.


   REVIEW BY: . Helen on 2017-02-21  

I have seen Dr. Richards several times for a chronic sinus issue. She has taken the time to listen to me, scope my sinuses. She found an issue and I am working to get it resolved. Thanks Associated Coastal ENT


   REVIEW BY: . Duncan on 2017-02-14  

The staff of Associated Coastal ENT are very professional, they helped me with my ear disease two months ago, I will recommend them to my family and friends


   REVIEW BY: . Savannah on 2016-12-22  

Dr. Marcy O`Brien helped my son last October with an audiology diagnostic and even though the results werent what Ive expected; my son is receiving the best care for his hearing loss. Thank you Associated Costal ENT


   REVIEW BY: . Sammuel on 2016-12-20  

Dr. Richards is incredibly approachable and friendly. I´ve been in treatment with her for the last nine months and my sinus problems is so far an unbearable condition of the past. I hadn´t been able to breathe due to my sinusitis, but she gave me several choices of treatment with their chances of success, one of them a surgery, which I chose... Have been six months now and I haven´t used Afrin or any other allergy medications and can breathe better than I remember in years.


   REVIEW BY: . Judith on 2016-11-08  

I thought there were not cure for my allergies, but once I met Dr. Thompson, her knowledge and procedure leads me to a different way, Dr. Thompson understood my worries and gave me the proper prescription, I am extremely happy! No allergies anymore! Thank you, Dr. Thompson and Associated Coastal ENT for being so helpful


   REVIEW BY: . Robert on 2016-10-19  

My wife and I are both patients of Dr. Michele Richards. She is among the best doctors Ive ever known. Ive gone to treat my nasal obstruction problem and I had a major surgery, and now everything is going better and better. I highly recommend her.


   REVIEW BY: . Megan on 2016-10-06  

I had my surgery in February 2016 for a malignant neoplasm. I was in and out of the hospital without any issues. There was a little pain and the Doctor did an excellent job. His whole team is professional and compassionate.


   REVIEW BY: . Britney on 2016-09-21  

Ive been coming to Associated Coastal ENT for 1 year as a sinusitis patient and Dr. Allen is the best! Hes kind, knowledgeable and overall the treatment is going very well. All the staff are super friendly and make me feel comfortable every time I go for an appointment.


   REVIEW BY: . Anabel on 2016-08-25  

I recently had a tonsillectomy there and even the situation wasn´t the best, I felt really good because of their attention. All staff was friendly and attentive and I felt well cared for and informed


   REVIEW BY: . Sasha on 2016-08-08  

I have been suffering from sinusitis for last 7 years. I had undergone an endoscopic surgery and thanks to Associated Coastal doctors with an effective treatment now I feel great!


   REVIEW BY: . Kelly on 2016-07-29  

Very short waiting time which is great, Dr. Richard Allen was very nice. Professional approach.


   REVIEW BY: . Paul on 2016-07-29  

My 5-year-old daughter was snoring and having trouble sleeping at night so we visited Coastal ENT for an evaluation of her tonsils and they said they have to remove the tonsils. The surgery went better than I could have possibly hoped. After a few quiet days around the house, she was up and running again with no ill-effects. We are so blessed to have this clinic close our home.


   REVIEW BY: . Adela on 2016-07-11  

They took care of me, very efficient. The doctor was very nice and took time to talk to me. The nurse is great. They are very good.


   REVIEW BY: . Joe on 2016-07-11  

Excellent practice. Dr. Richards was kind, confident, thorough, and willing to answer all my questions. I will definitely recommend to family and friends in need of ent services.


   REVIEW BY: . Linda on 2016-07-08  

I have been going here for years. Generally see Dr. Richards but have seen others in an emergency. They are all very professional and caring! I will never leave here and I would highly recommend them to anyone!


   REVIEW BY: . Jean Luc on 2016-07-08  

I have been in a treatment for my tinnitus for 1 year and now finally I can feel much better. It is a process but now I have tinnitus under control. Thanks for being always caring and professional.


   REVIEW BY: . Elizabeth on 2016-05-18  

Ive been a patient here for a couple months now. I see Dr. Slack. I think he is the best, nicest, and most caring doctor Ive ever had hands down! And extremely helpful when it comes to answering questions or any concerns. He did my surgery recently too. And so far everything is going well with that. I also really like his assistant. Shes wonderful! I go to the PSL office. All the staff there are always so helpful, nice, and caring. Even to my girls! I would say overall, they have the best customer service. Their office is very clean and nice too.


   REVIEW BY: . Leonard on 2016-05-18  

My beautiful bride and I have been fighting a couple conditions over the last few years, and Dr Richards has done her absolute best to manage our conditions as best as possible. When I was just randomly getting sick, she discussed the ideas that I might have food allergies and educated me as to how to keep a log of what I had been eating. After several visits we pinpointed my allergies and she gave me educational resources which I am convinced has saved my life! This year with the flu and the pneumonia being really bad, Nicole the Nurse Practitioner and Dr Richards worked as a team to make sure we were back to health as quickly as possible!


   REVIEW BY: . Mike on 2016-05-18  

Ive seen Dr. Allen for my tube in my ear and Dr. Richards for my Balloon Sinuplasty and they were both patient, pain free, and just provided me with an amazing overall experience making me feel relaxed and comfortable. Their staff is very friendly and most accommodating. Thank you so much Coastal. I went to 4 other ENTs before them and I wont go ANYWHERE else!


   REVIEW BY: . Michael on 2016-05-18  

Dr Allen saved my life. Thanks, Michael D


   REVIEW BY: . Jean on 2016-05-18  

I have been in a treatment for my tinnitus for 1 year and now finally I can feel much better. It is a process but now I have tinnitus under control. Thanks for being always caring and professionals.


   REVIEW BY: . Kristine on 2016-05-04  

Mary Mitskavich, M.D. Is beyond wonderful. My daughters experience was outstanding from her first consultation, to surgery and post operative attention. ❤️ this group. Waiting time is expected and was minimal for us. For anyone to expect not to wait to see a specialist/surgeon needs to understand that the time the Dr spends with an individual patient is precious to them and the Dr will bestow the same time with you.


   REVIEW BY: . Stephanie on 2016-05-04  

Went to the office for the first time. Although it was very busy, the front desk staff was so friendly and so patient. Despite how busy and crowded the waiting room was, I was seen at my exact appointment time and never felt rushed. Everyone from the front desk, to nurses, to the audiologist and Dr. Mcafee were patient, attentive, genuinely warm and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this practice to everyone.


   REVIEW BY: . Jack on 2016-05-03  

They were very attentive and resolved my personal situation.


   REVIEW BY: . Leany on 2016-05-03  

Professional, on time, polite, friendly.


   REVIEW BY: . Robert on 2016-05-03  

Worked with Dr. Kristen Atwood.She is an outstanding doctor,was very helpful in helping me with my long time hearing disorder. Dr.Atwood showed me the very best hearing aids,allowed me to try several different kinds and fitted me with an excellent unit. That was five years and they are working superbly. i am very grateful for the ability to hear normal sounds again. Thank You Dr. Atwood!


   REVIEW BY: . Carlos on 2016-05-03  

Dr. Allen was fantastic and has a great bedside manner. The audiologists were very professional and friendly. I highly recommend them.


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