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Hogsnappers Shack and Sushi



Hogsnappers Shack and Sushi,
Stuart, Tequesta, North Pam Beach, Florida. USA .

PHONE  (561) 401-9309  

Hogsnappers Shack and Sushi

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At Hog Snappers we strive to provide our customers with amazing service while delight them with the best tropical food in the area. We hope you had a pleasant visit and we look forward to having you back in our restaurant real soon. For our management your satisfaction is one of our top priorities. As a valuable customer your feedback is very important; we would greatly appreciate it if you share with us any comment, review or feedback that will help us continue improving the quality of our services.


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Hogsnappers Shack and Sushi

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Hogsnappers Shack and Sushi
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   REVIEW BY: . Mike on 12-22-2016  

Service was fair, however waitress was inexperienced. Food was nothing special. We had ribs, salad ,and a sushi app which was sent back. Sushi was awful, and to top it off they attempted to pass off fake crab meat as the real thing. We also had a problem with the staff as the table we were sitting at tipped over spilling all the drinks on my wife. The table was broken. When I asked for the manager to complain the waitresses said there wasn´t one on that nite. They got me the chef who told me I should have told them the table was broken,prior. In other words it was my fault. This was my first and last time here No way I would return, very forgettable place, cannot believe places like this exist anymore.


   REVIEW BY: . Dean on 12-22-2016  

The Tequesta roll was amazing, no doubt that I will be coming back with friends and family to Hog Snapper, awesome place.


   REVIEW BY: . Witney on 12-20-2016  

We just went with my husband to dinner here for the first time as it came highly recommended. The atmosphere inside made me feel in an island getaway. The appetizers, drinks, and sushi were delicious. All in all, I´m sure we´ll make our way back some time to try it out again.


   REVIEW BY: . Susi on 12-12-2016  

I am so lucky to have had my celebration birthday at Hog Snappers I had a fantastic time!!!


   REVIEW BY: . Barry on 11-13-2016  

We had the avocado salad and my favorite role which is the Tequesta roll Both items were very delicious and enjoyable


   REVIEW BY: . Britney on 11-08-2016  

I love this place it has everything I look for when I go out, great drinks, live music, and the best seafood cuisine ever!


   REVIEW BY: . Chris on 11-07-2016  

6 years ago I lived down the street from the tequesta location. It was the best restaurant in town and I felt to be showing off when I would take visitors there. The was amazing. The owner was preparing food and it was always impressive. Soon after that time they expanded to the store next door doubling the amount of tables. We returned often only to find waitresses with attitude and the lobster cavateli now being substituted with crab and penne. Even so the sushi was good so we stuck with what we knew and kept coming back Even though as they grew in size they lost their uniqueness. Food quality and service defiantly took a nose dive. I also hadn´t seen the owner cooking in quite a while. Possible coincidence, more like cause and effect. We now live in north Palm beach and surprise they built one down the road! We were excited until we went and the surprise the service was terrible and the food is not the same. Now it seems to me that every time this owner expands his brand and looses something. There´s no emphasis on service and the customers are treated as if they´ should feel privileged to be there. Two nights ago was the last straw. We walked in on a Saturday night with no one waiting and was told it would be five minutes. We were then taken to a table that had already been sat and then told to hold on as the host ran off. We then walked back to the bar to wait another ten minutes. Then given a table finally, then waited 5 minutes to see a waitress. She then immediately say sorry we´re really busy.( there were 4 empty tables in the restaurant and no line) that´s not busy. I am also not interested in why you take so long. We ordered a crab cake app and the girl who brings it spills sauce on my fiancés purse! I mean this is Mickey Mouse crap i expect from the brass ring, but not there. The entire staff walked around all night looking completely confused. this was the worst dining experience I´ve ever had. I used to rave about your restaurant, I have nothing good to say anymore. It´s to bad greed has taken control of this business. This isn´t isolated incidents. We have watched this place go down hill for years, and finally we will go to the hundred other fine joints around.


   REVIEW BY: . Paul on 08-19-2016  

I have been to many Sushi restaurants in Florida, but Hog Snappers is my favorite! Large menu, great food, attentive and efficient service... will definitely go back!


   REVIEW BY: . Sarah on 08-18-2016  

After work Friday went and had the most delicious wraps ever in Hog Snappers. I know they have sushi and great plates but that was just fabulous!!! Can’t wait to go back and try something different.


   REVIEW BY: . Kathy on 08-08-2016  

Love, love, love the food! Very unique. Above average prices but so worth the treat! Go early or late, you can avoid the wait. Great Staff!!!!!


   REVIEW BY: . Ron on 08-04-2016  

Another great meal with our friends at Hog Snapper. Hey a special shout out to my Yelp follower Keith The food was fabulous as always either get the Tequesta Stew without Tilapia or Snapper as its always delicious. Perfect weather in Fl tonight Ronn just Ronn The hole in the wall food guy


   REVIEW BY: . Kelly on 07-07-2016  

My friend recommended this place and I went with my husband for the first time and we had a fantastic dinner, the shack ceviche is incredible!


   REVIEW BY: . Douglass on 06-02-2016  

Interesting and creative menu, the food and service were excellent both times I have eaten here, really enjoyed the ahi tuna.


   REVIEW BY: . Golfgal on 05-18-2016  

I reviewed this restaurant last year and it is awesome, but busy. We arrived and had a 30 minute wait. A great chance to enjoy and catch up with family. My brother-in-law and I had the Tuna Tartare. Wow! This little piece of heaven was made with avocado slices, sliced lobster, sliced thin asparagus, more avocado and a spicy sauce with chopped tuna on top. It was shaped in a three by three cute square shape. It was delicious and was presented beautifully. My sister again, says it is the best burger in Jupiter/Tequesta area. I agree. It was cooked perfectly to her liking. I noticed they had a super special burger. Loaded!!! We look forward to Hog Snapper again soon. Well worth the wait, be patient!


   REVIEW BY: . Marc on 05-18-2016  

Went here with a couple of friends during the week. Did not have to wait for a table (around 8:00)... We ordered a grilled snapper, the steamed seafood feast, and the crab crusted hog snapper... the fish dishes were delicious. The review on the steamed seafood feast was that it was OK, but a little bland. Service was great with a very friendly server - dessert was offered but we opted for the famous ice cream just down the strip!


   REVIEW BY: . M. on 05-18-2016  

Food is beautifully plated & tastes great. Fast, pleasant service. Cool ambiance. Definitely coming back! Everyone I was with ordered something with seafood and it looked great. I got the Palm Beach wrap - super tasty!


   REVIEW BY: . Jesse on 05-18-2016  

he food was great! Sesame Ahi Tuna & Crunchy Tuna roll was amazing and highly recommended. Our server (Meredith) was awesome as well. There was a little food mix up but she more then took care of the situation. I like the atmosphere here as well. All in all Hog Snappers is a great place for Seafood & sushi.


   REVIEW BY: . Sammuel on 05-18-2016  

Burgers are just amazing, meat perfectly cooked and staff offer good service. They are just da... mouth watering. Love the tropical atmosphere of this place.


   REVIEW BY: . Ward on 05-18-2016  

Awesome place to eat! Huge pieces of sushi! Never had ceviche until I ate there I loved it!


   REVIEW BY: . WendyandBruce on 05-18-2016  

The fish is Fresh here! Atmosphere is very nice. Very good food served by very good waitstaff. Great menu :)


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