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Coastal Family Chiropractic PA

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At Coastal Family Chiropractic PA we strive to provide our patients with comprehensive & compassionate care in the Treasure Coast. We hope you had a pleasant visit and we look forward to having you back in our chiropractic office soon. For our management, your satisfaction is one of our top priorities. As a valuable practice member, your feedback is very important; we would greatly appreciate it if you share with us any comment, review or feedback that will help us continue improving the quality of our services.


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Coastal Family Chiropractic PA

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Coastal Family Chiropractic PA
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   REVIEW BY: . Nadia on 04-23-2018  

I would recommend Dr. Leach to anyone looking for the best Chiropractic Care! he really cares about getting you back to health!


   REVIEW BY: . David on 04-09-2018  

I felt immediate relief and saw increased mobility after seeing Dr. Andrew Leach after one visit. I was having lots of pain and was having a hard time moving. I will definitely go back.


   REVIEW BY: . Arika on 03-26-2018  

Before receiving chiropractic care, I was very limited in the things I could do. The pain had become excruciating. I ended up having a bulging disk. after several treatments the pain started to cease, within several months, the pain was gone, and I was able to do the things I enjoyed.


   REVIEW BY: . Thommas on 03-15-2018  

It´s amazing! I can move so much more easily. My pain level has been reduced more than I could have ever believed it could.


   REVIEW BY: . Thommas on 03-15-2018  

It´s amazing! I can move so much more easily. My pain level has been reduced more than I could have ever believed it could.


   REVIEW BY: . Ralph on 02-26-2018  

I have noticed since beginning chiropractic care that I have much fewer colds, improved sleep, and sense of well-being. Prior to receiving adjustments my health was good, but I was not sleeping and had frequent colds.


   REVIEW BY: . Sheila on 02-09-2018  

After only a few weeks I noticed significantly more energy. I no longer was dragging at the end of my work day. Instead, I was coming home ready for whatever the evening activities were for that night. Thanks Dr. Andrew!


   REVIEW BY: . Dominic on 01-25-2018  

Amazing chiropractic care, always fits the needs of the patients and the best customer service around. Could not ask for anything better.


   REVIEW BY: . Brenton on 01-12-2018  

I feel since I have been coming to Coastal Family Chiropractic my health and wellbeing has improved greatly! I feel better and I get personal guidance on many health issues.


   REVIEW BY: . Kayla on 12-26-2017  

Dr. Leach is very professional, sincere and very welcoming. I feel so much better after receiving the chiropractic treatments and my headaches are gone. I am very satisfied with the care.


   REVIEW BY: . Billy on 12-07-2017  

This place is fantastic! I went there as I had low back pain due to long hours sitting at the computer every day. Since I met with Dr. Andrew, my back has felt so good.


   REVIEW BY: . Adam on 11-28-2017  

When I first began to see Dr. Allison Leach, I has back pain, neck pain. Today I have pain relief in my back and increased flexibility. I have also found relief of stress in my shoulders.


   REVIEW BY: . Sean on 11-09-2017  

I am so happy to have made the decision to have chiropractic care. The last 4 months have been amazing. For a very long time every morning when I would get up my back would be so stiff that I couldn´t stand up straight and now after having chiropractic care I can get up every morning with no problems or with no stiffness!! Thanks to Coastal Family Chiropractic.


   REVIEW BY: . Otis on 10-24-2017  

Dr. Andrew is the best chiropractor I have ever had the opportunity of knowing! He makes you feel extremely comfortable and answers all of your questions efficiently. I strongly recommend him to my family and friends!


   REVIEW BY: . Janice on 10-05-2017  

Dr. Allison Leach is truly gifted in her field, I have seen multiple chiropractors and I can honestly say that she is the only one that can help with the tension headaches that I am prone to get. She is sweet, funny, and really seems to care about her patient´s health and wellness.


   REVIEW BY: . Meca on 09-26-2017  

Dr. Leach is an awesome doctor. He made my life much better. I trully recommend his treatment. He is very gentle and has a highly positive energy.


   REVIEW BY: . Roy on 09-08-2017  

I´m amazed how these treatments have helped me! I´ve had back problems for many years and what a major change this is. I feel better and have more energy, I can take walks and feel healthier. I am very grateful that I tried chiropractic. I´m not taking any pain medications anymore. Thank you so much for helping me feel better.


   REVIEW BY: . Wyatt on 08-21-2017  

I came to Coastal Family Chiropractic for severe neck pain. I now have no more neck, back or shoulder pain. I also have improved strength and posture due to therapy exercises and improved digestion tract. I feel 100% better and will continue chiropractic care for the rest of my life.


   REVIEW BY: . Howard on 08-04-2017  

I came to Dr. Leach with extremely bad back and hip pain, as well as daily headaches. After seeing him my headaches are completely gone, and my back pain is significantly better! I can´t thank Dr. Leach enough for all his help.


   REVIEW BY: . Gail on 07-26-2017  

I was never a believer in chiropractic until I met Dr. Andrew! I had been dealing with chronic neck pain. Dr. Andrew did a comprehensive exam and explained his treatment plan. I definitely an a believer now! Thank you, Dr. Andrew!


   REVIEW BY: . Dean on 07-25-2017  

I am 63 years old and 5 years ago I had a pinched nerve in my back. My wife recommended me to go and see her chiropractor, Dr Leach. Now after a treatment, I am very happy with the results. Now, I can do things I didn´t do for long time, such as dancing. At the moment, we also have our son getting adjustments. Thank you, Dr Leach.


   REVIEW BY: . Roy on 07-19-2017  

went there after blowing out my lower back, found Dr. Leach very helpful and informative, within weeks he had me almost back to normal, I would highly recommend.


   REVIEW BY: . Chuck on 07-11-2017  

Dr. Leachs Coastal Family Chiropractic office is the best! Not only are they extremely knowledgeable and professional, but they are the friendliest and kindest people!! Both, Dr. Andy Leach and Dr. Allison Leach have helped my sons with their adjustments, health & wellness, and maintenance. Honestly, our boys look forward to their visits with Coastal Family. We are extremely happy. Highly recommended-please give them a try!!


   REVIEW BY: . John on 07-11-2017  

Andy and Allison are two of the nicest, most professional people Ive come across in this industry. They are truly invested in your health and wellness. They are constantly improving their already vast knowledge base and always on top of the latest science. I trust them fully and recommend them highly.


   REVIEW BY: . Gerardo on 07-05-2017  

Our family has been visiting Coastal Family Chiropractic for many years. Since then, we have seen how chiropractic care has helped us improve our life through the different health benefits it has brought. Thank you so much! You are a truly blessing for us.


   REVIEW BY: . Joseph on 06-26-2017  

A back pain was killing me, I didnt know what to do it. I searched on the internet chiropractic services and I found Coastal Family. Dr. Andrew was so professional and advised me about to take a treatment for it. Totally recommend it!


   REVIEW BY: . Simon on 06-05-2017  

Dr. Andrew has helped me to cope with a chronic pain, and increased the circulation in my body with chiropractic treatments. Coastal Family is promoting good health and providing very satisfying service with caring hearts!


   REVIEW BY: . Michael on 05-15-2017  

I have received treatment for several years from variety of chiropractor. Dr. Andrew has been the first one of many chiropractors that Ive received treatment from who have been successful in reducing my pain. And some of my pain is completely gone!!! Dr. Andrew spends time listening to my issues and is always caring and most of all present, which allows him to effectively treat the problems and address my concerns.


   REVIEW BY: . Regina on 05-15-2017  

Low back pain can come from out of nowhere. As a yoga teacher, I was surprised after being evaluated by Dr. Andrew Leach that poor posture was part of my problem. His professional spinal adjustments have relieved my pain and thanks to the posture correcting exercises I am improving. Dr. Leach treats the whole patient by sharing holistic information and encouraging the patient to be in control of their own health.


   REVIEW BY: . Natalie on 05-09-2017  

This is true chiropractic medicine. Dr. Leach takes his time to find out what is causing pain or any imbalances and helps correct it so I can live my life better. The staff is also absolutely wonderful and very helpful. Love this place!


   REVIEW BY: . Olivier on 05-08-2017  

Dr. Andrew has helped me to able to cope with pain and increased the circulation in my body with chiropractic adjustments. They are promoting good health and provide very satisfying service with caring hearts!


   REVIEW BY: . Margaret on 04-11-2017  

Dr. Leach is very professional, knowledgeable and skilled. Caring atmosphere. The office manager Robin is also a joy to work with.


   REVIEW BY: . Mike on 04-10-2017  

I came to see Dr. Leach because I was having severe pain in my shoulders and neck from working too many hours on the computer. The treatment took approximately 5 weeks and I feel better now, the pain has gone. He gave me great tips to improve my physical health. Thanks Dr. Leach


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