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At Coastal Family Chiropractic PA we strive to provide our patients with comprehensive & compassionate care in the Treasure Coast. We hope you had a pleasant visit and we look forward to having you back in our chiropractic office soon. For our management, your satisfaction is one of our top priorities. As a valuable practice member, your feedback is very important; we would greatly appreciate it if you share with us any comment, review or feedback that will help us continue improving the quality of our services.


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Coastal Family Chiropractic PA

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Coastal Family Chiropractic PA

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   REVIEW BY: . Simon on 06-05-2017  

Dr. Andrew has helped me to be able cope with pain and increased the circulation in my body with chiropractic. They are promoting good health and provide very satisfying service with caring hearts!


   REVIEW BY: . Michael on 05-15-2017  

I have received treatment for several years from variety of chiropractor. Dr. Andrew has been the first one of many chiropractors that I’ve received treatment from who have been successful in reducing my pain. And some of my pain is completely gone!!! Dr. Andrew spends time listening to my issues and is always caring and most of all present, which allows him to effectively treat the problems and address my concerns.


   REVIEW BY: . Regina on 05-15-2017  

Low back pain can come from out of nowhere. As a yoga teacher, I was surprised after being evaluated by Dr. Andrew Leach that poor posture was part of my problem. His professional spinal adjustments have relieved my pain and thanks to the posture correcting exercises I am improving. Dr. Leach treats the whole patient by sharing holistic information and encouraging the patient to be in control of their own health.


   REVIEW BY: . Natalie on 05-09-2017  

This is true chiropractic medicine. Dr. Leach takes his time to find out what is causing pain or any imbalances and helps correct it so I can live my life better. The staff is also absolutely wonderful and very helpful. Love this place!


   REVIEW BY: . Olivier on 05-08-2017  

Dr. Andrew has helped me to able to cope with pain and increased the circulation in my body with chiropractic adjustments. They are promoting good health and provide very satisfying service with caring hearts!


   REVIEW BY: . Margaret on 04-11-2017  

Dr. Leach is very professional, knowledgeable and skilled. Caring atmosphere. The office manager Robin is also a joy to work with.


   REVIEW BY: . Mike on 04-10-2017  

I came to see Dr. Leach because I was having severe pain in my shoulders and neck from working too many hours on the computer. The treatment took approximately 5 weeks and I feel better now, the pain has gone. He gave me great tips to improve my physical health. Thanks Dr. Leach

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